mandag den 15. oktober 2012

Anchor winch remote - An exercise in futility

Last spring, wanting to add another outlet for the anchorwinch remote I toasted the "up" by reversing the polarity in the socket. Bummer.

Taking it apart revealed two hexfet's, but replacing those didn't cut it. The remote has a button for "up", "down" and "on", so the simplest thing would have been to simply route the gates for the hexfets to ground through the "up" and "down" buttons. Could have been done with four 10k resistors beside the hexfets.

Alas that would leave the "on" button orphaned. The original functionality was to enable operation for one minute and lit an LED for that period when on was pressed.

Enter an attiny13, two more driving transistors with resistors, an LED and a voltage regulator. Not to speak of writing the program to control it all of course.

On button, I hope you feel pleased ...

Old PCB, New board, the remote and a test load on the left. At least the number  of components is not as  big as  on the old one
Popping into place

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