fredag den 14. november 2014

Used a couple of rainy days to explore the GUI/scripting possibilities on Windows.

  • Lua - wxLua. Very nice with Lua and all, but wxWidgets has a pretty steep learning curve. Also the resulting self contained binary would be rather large.

  • PowerShell - Some nice concepts, but just too horrible overall

  • Autoit. - A BASIC variant and it shows. But a very nice set of tools with Gui builder, exe wrapper etc. good help files and rich library

Autoit it was. And the resulting announcement to our wintering marina community can be seen below

After a couple of grey days in the anchorage, a tool for downloading/viewing todays Skiron grib file has magically emerged on my computer.
The Skiron grib files are kindly made available on by a fellow sailor and AFAICT are produced from much the same model as those on the Poseidon web site. Only far more convenient as GRIB files ..

This may be a little over engineered, but basically pressing the Go! button should suffice for most. The rest of the UI is hopefully relatively self explanatory.

For the technically inclined, the source code can be found at this link

Due to restrictions in gmail you must download the program at this link.
Just save it to somewhere on the computer and double-click.

Enjoy /Flemming

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